Equal Opportunities

Since the establishment of legislation to address race relations and the issue of gender discrimination, including equal pay, trade unions have been increasingly concerned to promote equality of opportunity among their members. The concern of Trade Unions has been to both address equality issues in the workplace on an individual and collective basis and also to promote greater fairness within society.

See our headquarters website for a wealth of information about the subject.

There are four Advisory Committees established which are looked after by the EO department, dealing with areas of potential discrimination.

The Equal Opportunities Department, as well as dealing with the work of these Committees and being involved in campaigning issues, gives advice to Branches on equal opportunities issues and provides assistance in respect of harassment and discrimination.

There is also assistance available if you feel that you are experiencing bullying and harassment in the workplace. The freephone number which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is 0800 107 1909.

Equal Opportunities toolkit 2017

The Equality Officer’s Toolkit has been produced to assist Equality Officers in their role and to allow them to learn and keep updated with equality developments as they arise. The Toolkit not only gives information on general Equality issues but also gives detailed advice on IR issues and how to deal with them, for example issues such as discipline and grievance procedures.

Our focus on equality will see our union underline its position as a leader in the field of equal opportunities and Equality Officers have a significant role to play in ensuring that equality issues are dealt with and addressed effectively at branch level.

Download the toolkit here for more information.

Various equality factsheets can be found on the following link: